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About Zliide

Shopping locally just got easier, now you can browse your local Weekday store through the Zliide app and have your selection delivered to your location within 3hrs - free of charge. Or visit Weekday in person and explore product details by syncing the Zliide app to the alarm tag, then simply skip the lines and choose the easy-to-use self-checkout option.


Based on simplicity and efficiency, this convenient shopping is available at our stores in Aarhus and Amager Torv, Copenhagen. If you don't live in either of these cities, you can choose an alternative free delivery option through GLS (in Denmark only).


Shopping through Zliide allows you to browse Weekday's live inventory and even save for a later purchase, anywhere at any time.

How it works

Skip the lines & pay with your mobile


1. Download Zliide app

2. Hold mobile close to Zliide tag on item

3. Find more product photos and info

4. Pay with Mobile Pay or credit card

5. Remove tag and find nearby Zliide box, drop tag and leave hanger

Store to door in 3hrs


1. Download Zliide app

2. Shop from your local Weekday store in-app

3. Choose delivery option

4. Pay with Mobile Pay or your credit card

5. Receive your order within 3hrs - for free

Watch the Zliide journey here > VIMEO VIDEO

Get the app


Download Zliide


"Can I find the total Weekday collection in the Zliide app?"

Most products in stock will be shown on the Zliide app except for small accessories, socks, underwear, and sunglasses which can only be bought through the cash register in store.

"How much does home delivery cost?"

We always deliver to your location for free. With Zliide Delivery+ you can get fast delivery in an eco-friendly way.

"How do I find out if Zliide can deliver to my area?"

Zliide can deliver to any address in Denmark. Zliide Delivery+ (3hr delivery) is only available to addresses within 10 kilometers of the store you are shopping from. Once you provide your delivery address after placing your order, shipping options will become available.

If your address is already in our system from a previous order, a Delivery+ badge will appear on every item that is available to that location.

If you've already shopped using Zliide Online and has your delivery address pre-typed from last order, a Delivery+ badge will then be shown on every item, you can get within 3 hours even before you add the items to your basket.


"What delivery options can I choose from?"

Zliide Delivery+ (free delivery within 3 hours to addresses within 10 km of the store)
GLS Parcel shop (1-3 day free delivery to your nearest depot)
GLS Home delivery (1-3 day free delivery to your home address)
Click & Collect (pick-up in store)


"Can I change locations after I have placed my order?"

You can't change location after you've placed your order, as the order is being processed and is on its way to your address.

If you urgently need to change your delivery address after placing an order, please contact Zliide Support at +45 222 33 653, and we'll see what we can do.


"Can I shop from multiple stores for the same delivery?"

You can't shop from multiple stores for the same delivery, but you can shop from multiple stores for one order payment. If all stores are within the Delivery+ area, you'll receive each delivery separately within 3 hours.


"Is it possible to order delivery outside store opening hours?"

You can order from Zliide Delivery+ any time; if you order after opening hours, you will receive your delivery the next opening day within 3 hours after it opens.

If you ordered Zliide Delivery+, the order must be placed a minimum of 1 hour before the store closes in order to receive it same day. The app will notify you if you receive your delivery within 3 hours or the next day.


"Can I do returns through the Zliide app?"

Every order made through Zliide can be returned. If you chose Zliide self-checkout, simply present your digital receipt upon returning. If you chose Zliide delivery+, you can either use the pre-paid return label included in your order or make the return in-person at the Weekday store where you bought the item.


"Is it possible to return items bought through Zliide at any Weekday store?"

You can return items bought via Zliide Self-checkout at all Weekday stores in Denmark. If you have chosen Home delivery, use the pre-paid return label and make your return. Or make a return in the store, from where you bought the item.


"What if my Zliide tag won't unlock after I made my payment?"

If the Zliide Tag won't unlock after you made your payment using Zliide in-store, notify a staff member and they will help you.




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