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“Sometimes you live more in one day than you do in a lifetime”

Step into an endless night with our Spring 2024 campaign SATURDAY – a love story that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s about a decision that takes someone out of their comfort zone and a brief encounter that elevates a person's life in just one night. SATURDAY explores the power of transformation in a single moment.

SATURDAY was directed by Gustav Johansson, produced by new–land, and debuts worldwide on January 29, 2024.

Scroll down for behind the scenes and products featured in our Spring campaign 2024.


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Reflecting the essence of SATURDAY, the spring 2024 collection encapsulates surrealistic vibrancy juxtaposed with sporty laid-back aesthetics. The season's look boasts volume and varied textures, showcasing a mix of washed and distressed denim, raw linen shirts and trousers, pleated diagonal skirts, leather-like coatings, structural canvas jackets, dungarees, and football tees.