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Special projects 


At Weekday, we try to use creativity as a motivating force in most situations, like in our quest to become a more responsible version of ourselves. Alongside our main collections, we run a number of projects aimed at exploring ways of developing our offer, addressing questions of circularity, longevity and customization, to name a few.  

Here are a few of our ongoing special projects:  


Gemme Collective


We are firm believers in the sharing economy of fashion, and think it plays an important part in the work towards circularity. That’s why we are thrilled to team up with Gemme Collective to offer a selection of Weekday styles through their fashion rental platform.

Renting your wardrobe allows you to expand your style horizons while at the same time caring for both planet and wallet. The process is simple – create an account via Gemme Collective and start browsing. Choose your garment of choice, for how long you want to keep it and whether you want to pick it up at Gemme Studio in Stockholm or get it delivered to your home. 

Only available in Stockholm so far, but Gemme is expanding so look out.

Visit Gemme Collective here.


Weekday Curated 2nd-hand 


Selling secondhand garments has been a part of our business model since the early days, and it’s something we have big plans on expanding on in the future. We previously offered a selection of pre-loved vintage and designer clothes, shoes and accessories at our Stockholm store on Götgatan. And now we offer an updated version called: Weekday Curated 2nd-hand at our Drottninggatan store in Stockholm. The difference is now that we have a more curated selection of fashion from our community and we have updated our buying system to a digital format for a better seamless exchange. 


Find out more about our resale market here.


Body Scan Jeans 


Body Scan Jeans is a new innovation concept that combines 3D scanning technology and algorithm-based pattern generation, making it possible to produce unique custom fit jeans. The concept is available at Weekday Götgatan in Stockholm.  

There are many aspects as to why Body Scan Jeans is a great idea Two of them are: Sizing becomes irrelevant with the unique custom fit option, and unnecessary work and waste is reduced by only producing what you've ordered. There is also something undeniably special about having an item in your wardrobe made especially for you.  

The Body Scan Jeans project is a collaboration between WEEKDAY, H&M Laboratory and three external vendors, including the Global Change Award winner Unspun. 

We have two bookable timeslots per hour.  

The whole experience takes 20-30 minutes. 

Book here.

If you have any questions email us at



Studio Made 


Studio Made is a creative space for artists and designers to work on their craft. It emphasizes Weekday’s brand purpose of celebrating creativity. One-of-a kind capsules are made from re-purposed overstock and other vintage or deadstock garments.  


”With Studio Made, we do bi-weekly workshops in our stores—or, during the pandemic, at safe distance in our office studio—and make one-off pieces. We often use fabric from sample, stock, damaged or vintage garments–the idea is to inspire our customers to be resourceful with what they already have. It seems to resonate, the collections usually sell out in minutes and we get a lot of questions about the processes”, says Annika Berger, Print designer.  


Visit Studio Made here.  





Zeitgeist is our weekly print project, where in we create a new design reflecting on current events in popular culture and society. T-shirts are available in our stores in limited quantities and printed on-demand in online shop. Each print is available for one week only.  


“For us, Zeitgeist is the core of who we are as a company, as it gives us a chance to say something and stand for something. Sometimes we talk about serious stuff, like human rights, politics or science and sometimes we talk about fun things that have gone viral, like Beyonce giving birth to twins or the return of Game of Thrones”, says Annika Berger, the designer responsible for creating all Zeitgeist prints. 


The first Zeitgeist print was made in 2011 as a fun thing to do. Ten years and almost 500 prints later the weekly statement tees and totes have inadvertently become collectables.  


Visit Zeitgeist here.  



Shopping locally just got easier, now you can browse your local Weekday store through the Zliide app and have your selection delivered to your location within 3hrs - free of charge. Or visit Weekday in person and explore product details by syncing the Zliide app to the alarm tag, then simply skip the lines and choose the easy-to-use self-checkout option.


Based on simplicity and efficiency, this convenient shopping is available at our stores in Aarhus and Amager Torv, Copenhagen. If you don't live in either of these cities, you can choose an alternative free delivery option through GLS (in Denmark only).


Shopping through Zliide allows you to browse Weekday's live inventory and even save for a later purchase, anywhere at any time.


Find out more here or download the Zliide app directly.