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Our Special Projects


At Weekday, we try to use creativity as a motivating force in most situations, like in our quest to become a more responsible version of ourselves. Alongside our main collections, we run several projects aimed at exploring ways of developing our range, addressing questions of circularity, longevity and customization, to name a few. 


Here are a few of our ongoing special projects:

Weekday Curated  2nd-hand 


Pre-loved fashion has always been a part of Weekday and we have recently expanded our vision with our latest initiative; Weekday Curated 2nd-hand. Currently in, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Gent, Leuven, London & Sheffield and more to come. We offer our community a chance to buy and sell their pre-loved fashion. 

With an updated exchange system and a team of buyers, our customers can simply book appointments to set the pricing on their garments, display them in our shop-in-shop, and receive a commission on items sold. This is just one of the steps Weekday is taking within circular fashion for our community.

Find out more about Weekday Curated 2nd-hand here.

Studio Made 


Studio Made is a creative space for artists and designers to work on their craft. It emphasizes Weekday’s brand purpose of celebrating creativity. 


”With Studio Made, we do bi-weekly workshops in our stores — or, during the pandemic, at safe distance in our office studio — and make one-off pieces. We often use fabric from sample, stock, damaged or vintage garments, the idea is to inspire our customers to be resourceful with what they already have. It seems to resonate, the collections usually sell out in minutes, and we get a lot of questions about the processes”, says Annika Berger, print designer. 


Visit Studio Made here.



Zeitgeist is our weekly print project, where in we create a new design reflecting on current events in popular culture and society. T-shirts are available in limited quantities and printed on-demand online. Each print is available for one week only.  

The first Zeitgeist print was made in 2011 as a fun thing to do. More than years and almost 500 prints later the weekly statement t-shirts have inadvertently become collectables.  


Visit Zeitgeist here.