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Terms and Conditions (for Re-sale at Weekday)



By accepting the below terms and conditions for re-sale at Weekday (“Terms”), I, the seller, (“Seller”) agree to allow [H & M Hennes & Mauritz Sverige AB with reg. no. 556151-2376] (“Weekday”) to offer for sale certain item(s) [agreed separately between Weekday and Seller] in the Weekday store in exchange for a commission in accordance with the Terms.  




  • Seller owns the Item and has the right to freely transfer them to Weekday. 

  • The Item is original and do not infringe upon any other party’s rights.



Sales and commission 

  • The Seller remains the owner of the items until sold by Weekday, at which time Weekday takes flash title of the Item (to allow for VAT reporting) before the ownership passes to the customer. 

  • Weekday reserves the right to finally set the sales price. 
  • Weekday will charge a commission on Item sold, which amounts to 60% of the sales price.
  • Seller will receive 40% of the sales price of each product sold through Weekday. 

  • Item will be available for sales in store for a period not to exceed five (5) weeks.

  • If the Item is sold, Seller will get a confirmation email and the compensation will be paid out to the bank account Seller has provided. Payments of compensation will be made during the first week after the applicable month when the item was sold. Seller is responsible for reporting any income in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  

  • If the Item is not sold, Seller will receive an email with a request to either pick up the Item in the store within seven (7) days from the time the email notification was sent, or to donate the item to i:Collect. If the item has not been picked up within the seven (7) day period, the Item will automatically be donated through I:Collect, unless otherwise agreed via email between the Parties. 



Uncollectable items

  • Weekday will take responsibility for the Seller’s Item during the sales period in the Weekday store, however Seller acknowledges that reasonable wear and tear related to the product is expected and Weekday cannot be held liable for such reasonable damage to the product. Weekday assumes responsibility once the Seller has signed these terms and conditions and the product has been accepted by the store. For the avoidance of doubt, if, by the end of the applicable sales period an item cannot be found, due to lost, theft or a force majeure event in store, such as but not limited to fire, flooding, store damage etc,  then Seller will receive payment as if the product had been sold. Seller will receive the agreed compensation in accordance with the terms for payment in this agreement. 



Data Privacy

  • Seller’s account information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Notice. Weekday will automatically delete the Seller’s app account after the Seller has been inactive for a period of twelve (12) months. Bank account details will be deleted two (2) weeks after the payment of the last sale has been made to the Seller.