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Join the circular movement with us!
Buy & sell with Weekday.



A Resale Market of carefully curated fashion from our community. Join us on our drive to boost circular fashion. Your pre-loved clothes can become the products of tomorrow. Get started and start selling with us.





The Weekday store at Drottninggatan 63, Stockholm, Sweden. 
Stay tuned for more Weekday Curated 2nd-hand resale markets in your city.



Register items and drop off:


Register your items



Drop off at the store:


Book a time



How it works:


1.    Register online and book an appointment for drop off.  


2.     Bring your pre-selected items to your local Weekday store so our trained buyers can secure pricing with you.  


3.     Receive a 40% commission from your sold item(s). 


All items commissioned with us will be available for resale for 5 weeks. Your unsold garments can be collected thereafter, if you don’t collect within one week after it is unsold, we will send your item(s) to be reused or recycled, in collaboration with I:Collect.



What we take: 


We are interested in seasonal pieces from your wardrobe that maybe you just aren’t into anymore or that don’t fit like you thought they would. Things you think others could enjoy better than you do.  

  • In-season fashion pieces; genderless, streetwear, contemporary, and quality fashion brands.
  • High-end brands such as: Comme des Garcons, Acne Studios, Off-white and other similar fashion and streetwear brands
  • Premium brands such as: Samsøe Samsøe, The North Face, Adidas, Carhartt, and Weekday
  • Others such as: vintage Y2K pieces, 90s brands like Miss Sixty and Fornarina, altered and upcycled statement pieces with a contemporary and fashionable design sense. 

For us quality and style come first, please make sure your clothes are washed and clean with no holes, loose seams, pills, or discolouration. 



We will also not accept:

  • Items with holes, loose seams, pills, or discolouration.
  • Traditional or culturally appropriating clothing  
  • No fur or exotic skins
  • No kids' clothes
  • Nothing against company ethos; if you don’t know, we’ll let you know
  • And absolutely no counterfeit we don’t stand for it and will remove it.  


For us quality and style come first, please make sure you read the above list and make sure your items are washed and clean when you bring them.



Weekday x M.I.N.T. Care

Make your fashion last longer with Mint Care laundry and repair service. When you buy something from our Drottinggatan store you will receive a 50 SEK discount code to use on your first try with this service. Together we can care more and waste lee. Find out more about Mint Care.







How do I know if my garment will be picked before I bring it?

Read about our requirements, it’s better to come with selected few quality in-season items to make sure to sell your pre-loved goods in the best possible way. We take things that you would buy yourself. You can register up to 10 items.


What if I don’t what to sell it anymore after it’s been selected?

There is always possibility to take back your items, if they haven’t been sold yet. Just email customer service and we will take your item out of our stock, and you can come and pick it up.


What if I want to add items after I’ve booked an appointment?

There is always a possibility to bring extra items. We would like if you only came with maximum 10 pieces, but if you find that extra ‘to-die-for' item you think will work, please bring it. We just want to make sure we have quality time pricing your items at your scheduled appointment. 


My item sold and I didn’t get paid yet? 

We make payments during the first week of every month. So, if your item was sold last month (up to the last day of the month), you will receive payment in the first week of the following month.


What if my items are returned?

We don’t accept returns or give refunds. 


What if my item(s) don’t sell, can I try and sell them again?

You can absolutely try again! Sometimes some clothes just don’t find a home, maybe it was the pricing or another factor. If you pick up your item(s)and register them again, our buyers will be happy to discuss selling again.


Will Weekday Curated 2-nd hand resale market be available in other Weekday stores?

We are exploring opportunities to expand to other cities in all our markets!



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