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Weekday Curated 2nd-hand


Buy & sell pre-loved fashion at

Book an appointment at a location near you

Set prices with one of our buyers

Get 40% commission on each piece you sell

Please bring max 10 seasonal pieces per appointment.
You can book 4 slots per week and market.

What we take

We’re into streetwear and premium brands, small designers, vintage and archive pieces, and stylists’ closet edits.

Before your appointment.


Make sure you have a local bank account.


Would you buy it?

We don’t accept pieces with piles, holes, loose seams, discolouration, stains, or too worn or raggedy. Distressed works, if it’s done right. 


Is it appropriate?

We don’t accept fur, exotic skins, kid’s clothes, swimwear/underwear/bodysuits, counterfeit branding, traditional or culturally appropriating clothing.


Be clean

Take some time to make sure your items are clean and washed. We don’t provide a washing service.

Set up an ACCOUNT

Note: You need a local bank account to be able to set up an account.


Click below to create your own personal account before you come in.


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What’s next?


Your pre-loved selection will be available in-shop for five weeks. You will be notified when something sells and will be paid for the item(s) five days after the last day of that month. We will also email you after the five-week sale period if something doesn’t sell, and then you have one week to pick it up. After that, we’ll arrange for the unsold item(s) to be sent to Remondis to be reused, remade or recycled. If you can’t pick it/them up, just email us and we’ll figure something out.


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Drottninggatan 63, Stockholm, Sweden

Götgatan 21, Stockholm, Sweden 

Kungsgatan 51, Gothenburg, Sweden

Stortorget 1, Lund, Sweden

Rokin 84, Amsterdam, Netherlands

De pijp, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Meir 78, Antwerp, Belgium 

Sint-pietersnieuwstraat 58/62, Gent, Belgium 

Diestsestraat 100, Leuven, Belgium 

168 Shoreditch High Street, London, UK

108 Pinstone Street, Sheffield, UK 



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How do I know if my garment will be picked before I bring it?

It’s better to come with a select few quality in-season pieces to give them a better chance at selling. Bring us stuff that you would buy yourself. Try to only bring up to ten pieces.

What if I don’t want to sell my item(s) anymore after it’s been selected?

There is always possibility to take back what you’ve given us if they haven’t been sold yet. Just email customer service and we will take your item out of our stock, and you can come and pick it up.

What if I want to add something after I’ve booked an appointment?

There is always a possibility to bring extra stuff. We would like if you only came with up to 10 pieces, but if you find something extra you think would work, then bring it. We just want to make sure we have quality time pricing your items at your scheduled appointment. 

My item sold and I haven’t been paid yet? 

Payments are made during the first week of every month. So, if your item was sold last month (up to the last day of the month), you will receive payment in the first week of the following month.

What if my items are returned?

We don’t accept returns or give refunds. 

What if my item(s) don’t sell, can I try and sell them again?

You can absolutely try again! Sometimes some clothes just don’t find a home, maybe it was the pricing or another factor. If you pick up your item(s) and register them again, our buyers will be happy to discuss selling again.

Will Weekday Curated 2-nd hand be available in other Weekday stores?

We are available in Stockholm, Lund, and Gothenburg for now, Amsterdam coming up, and have plans for more stores in other cities. Stay tuned!


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