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The Body Scan Jeans experience was launched at the Weekday store at Götgatan, Stockholm, in October 2020 as a test and collaboration between H&M Group’s The Laboratory, WEEKDAY and three external vendors, including the Global Change Award winner Unspun to explore how to provide customers with perfect fitted jeans.


The Body Scan Jeans concept offers custom made & produced on demand denim, using 3D body scanning and an algorithm technology, where each pair of jeans are unique to the wearer with a perfect body-hugging fit, as patterns and measurements are based on an individual body scans performed in store.


It has been an amazing project and we are more than happy with the outcome and experience we made.


The pilot ended on April 30th, but we are still exploring other exciting projects that drive us further into full circularity.

What happens now?

The pilot ended on April 30th.

We will now use the valuable insights and learnings to continue exploring how to delight more customers with perfect fitted garments. Stay tuned!


Can I still get my jeans that I’ve ordered before the closing date?

Of course, all jeans ordered by 30th of April will be delivered regularly. If you have chosen “Pick-up in store” you will be able to collect them within 21 days from email notification.

If something isn’t quite right with the fit you have 30 days after receipt to return them. Returns are free of charge and refunds come in the form of a merchandise card. No re-orders can be done after 30th of April.


Why is this concept no longer available?

To become circular, we are taking different actions and are testing circular business initiatives. One of them is our Body Scan Jeans project. We are very happy that we were able to test this innovative design concept. For now we have decided to end the test, but we are exploring other exciting projects that will drive us further into full circularity.


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