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Can’t Find Perfect Fitting Jeans?
Let Us Make Them for You.

Avoid fitting room struggles and unnecessary returns, and choose custom made one-of-a-kind jeans. Designed by you, for you.

This user-friendly experience only takes 20-30 minutes.

Available only at WEEKDAY Götgatan in Stockholm. 

Book your scanning slot and get started.


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If you have any questions email us at

Weekday, Götgatan 21, Stockholm

Opening hours for Scanning, Pick up & Returns:

  • Wednesday-Saturday: 13-18
  • Monday, Tuesday, Sunday: Closed

Body Scan Jeans is a  new innovative  concept that combines 3D scanning technology  and algorithm-based pattern generation, making it possible to produce unique custom-fit jeans.


There are many  aspects  as to why  Body Scan Jeans is a great idea, with the two main reasons being; sizing becomes irrelevant with the unique custom fit option, and unnecessary work and waste is reduced by  only producing what you've ordered. There is  also something undeniably special about having an item in your wardrobe made especially for you,  and we think you feel the same.


This project is a collaboration between WEEKDAY, H&M Laboratory and three external vendors, including the Global Change Award  winner  Unspun.

How it works

A new innovative 3D scanning technology generates virtual avatars made up of 100,000 data points to produce custom-fit jeans. This algorithm technology enables a custom fit, for each individual order, as if the jeans were woven around the actual body.

Our Body Scan Jeans area is located on the first floor and you start this experience at the Customization station.






1. Book a scan time




2. Create an account




3. Scan - 1 minute




4. Choose style and trims




5. Pay for order / 900 SEK




6. Choose home delivery or pick up in Götgatan store in 2-3 weeks





View the process as created by one of our partners :)


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"Is it a safe set up in accordance with the COVID-19 situation?"

Yes, measures are in place in accordance with the current COVID-19 situation:

  • Plexiglas barriers to separate employees from customer
  • Extra cleaning routines of all surfaces and screens
  • Bring your mask or we can provide you with one
  • Social distancing, limited number of visitors in the store at one time and limited number of scanning slots per day
  • Note that the booking is valid for one person
  • Please consider coming alone to enjoy the experience



"How long time does it take to get my jeans after I have placed the order?"


Production and delivery to the store takes approximately 2-3 weeks. You will receive an email once your jeans are ready for pick up.

Please note that delivery time can be impacted by Covid-19, please contact if your order takes longer than 3 weeks and they will provide you with a status update.



"How much does it cost?"


The cost is 900 SEK for a pair of jeans which should be paid up front after your scan and order completion.

The cost includes the scanning, customization (fit, waist placement, length, wash and thread color), personalized label and delivery within Sweden.



"Can I return the jeans if I am not happy with my purchase?"


We hope you’ll love your Body Scan Jeans, but if something isn’t quite right with the fit you have 30 days after receipt to return them. Returns are free of charge and refunds come in the form of a merchandise card. All returned items should be clean, unworn and have tags still on.

Body Scan Jeans can only be returned to the Weekday store in which they were purchased. Don´t forget your receipt!



"Which models you can choose between?"


Right now, we can offer these choices: slim or straight leg, low, mid or high waist, full or cropped length. You cannot choose extra-long legs. You can also choose blue or black wash, rivets & thread colours.



"How old do you have to be to use the service?"


You must be at least 16 years of age to participate and in the company of a guardian if you are under 18.



"Where can I try this service?"


As we are still in test phase, this service is only available in one store, at WEEKDAY Götgatan in Stockholm, Sweden.



"Can two people come and scan at one scanning slot?"


When booking, please note that there is only one person allowed per slot, come by yourself to avoid crowding in store.



"Will I be able to get staff discount on this service?"


From April 8th staff discount will not be valid.



"When can I pick up my jeans?"

  • If you chose pick-up in store, after receiving mail that they are ready for pick up. Please pickup during BSJ opening hours.


  • If you chose home delivery, you will be notified by mail when your jeans are being sent home to you.


  • If you chose pick-up in store, but prefer home delivery, please email: as soon as possible with HOME DELIVERY in subject and provide with your order number and delivery address.




Questions? Please email