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United We Stand

In a world filled with thousands of social media contacts, it’s important to celebrate friendships that go further than just "liking" and "following". This winter we invited a group of friends to check out our new collection and give us their thoughts on friendship, unity and fashion.


What is a real friendship and when do you feel most united with your friends?

Ken: A real friendship for me is when you are so close to each other you will do anything for each other. A ride or die kind of relationship. I feel most united with my friends when I’m low and they pick me up and are just there for me.

Miranda: Real friendship for me is when u give and get. My friends and I are most united when we realize how much we depend on each other and show one another how much we appreciate all the little things. 

Saga: A Real friendship is When you know everything about a person and vice versa. And when u can be yourself with somebody and you don’t feel the need to say anything or do anything because just being with a Real friend is everything.

Do you feel the use of social media has changed the way you interact with friends?

Ken: Yes, it has definitely changed a lot how we interact. We are much closer to our friends with social media, I know where they are 24/7 and where they are going (without me lol). We are just closer now and we can communicate all the time with the bestie. 

Agri: Yes. Social media is one of the great tools of today and another reason to why I have so MANY friends. We connect through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It has given us the perception of always being able to reach each other and that's a beautiful thing.

Do your friends inspire your style?

Agri: Everything inspires my style. My friends, my surroundings, the streets of Stockholm, the late nights at clubs, cybersurfing at 03:00 in the morning. I am my surrounding.

Miranda: Yes. We always borrow clothes from each other. My style is a mix of me and all of my friends.

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