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proud in: 

Your personal style says a lot about you, it can also give you the confidence and the freedom to be who you are and proud of it!

This winter we asked a few of our friends about their personal style and their favourite thing about wearing denim.


Olivia in: Voyage

“My style is a way of expressing myself. I'd say my style is something that says a lot about me. You kind of get the idea of who I am just by looking at what I wear. Denim is timeless, I believe you can wear it with practically anything. You can dress it up or dress it down and still be feeling yourself! Haha!”

Amadeus in: Single

“I try to cut down the decisions I have to make in the morning by keeping my clothes mainly black. So I think my style says says that I’m a very tired morning person. Denim is great because you never have to wash it.”

Lefteris in: Drift

“My style says two things: confidence and queerness. I like denim because it it makes me feel in charge and ready to conquer the day!”

Alton in: People

“My style is more about a mood. I always dress in what I feel like and don't really care about other’s opinions, that may also work as an explanation of me as a person. I like denim because it's a classic look and easy to customize for your own personal style.”

Nora in: Mini

“I really don't spend much time at all thinking about my style. I dress the way I want for the day. It’s winter now, so mostly my style says don't freeze please! My favorite thing about wearing denim is when you match it with other denim items. It can give you such a clean and bold look, and I've seen it combined in many ways. It's nice!”

Agnes in: Double

“Every morning I merge two styles into one: sporty meets goth, princess Leia meets businessman or biker meets librarian. No outfit should be one-dimensional, cause I’m not. Denim is my favourite cure for feeling like a 12-year-old from the inside and out. I don’t want to be sweet-smelling or pretty – I’d much rather be loud, unpolished and rough.”