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proud in: 

The right pair of jeans can make you feel fearless. The right pair of jeans can give you the freedom to be who you are and proud of it! 

This Autumn we asked a few of our friends about their favourite Weekday Jeans, what they like about them but more importantly how they make them feel.

Saga in: Body

“I like how these jeans fit perfectly everywhere and the fact that they are really soft. They make me feel comfortable and pretty. I love a pair of perfect black jeans!”

Lucas in: Sharp

“I love the high waist and the whole "cowboy" vibe! These jeans really enhance the length of my legs and give me a great stride. I feel sexy.”

Hevin in: Ace

“Ace are really comfortable because of the stretch, which I really like and they have the perfect high waist! They make me feel so good… mostly because my legs look like they are 3 meters long!”

Albert in: Common

“A pitch black denim is always at the core of my wardrobe. These jeans, with their straight legs, just need a Hi-Top sneaker or a real high boot to get that punk-look. Wearing these, I can be in the studio cooking and still look raw. Like a gremlin fed after dark, and it's about time to eat.”

Rosanna in: Way

“These jeans have just the right amount of stretch for me and the wash is perfect. I really like the fit and how it makes my bum look. They make me feel comfortable, like the best version of the everyday me.”

Simon in: Friday

“I like that they are slim but also comfortable and quite flexible, not too stiff. And of course I like the price. They make me feel dressed up in a relaxed way. I can wear almost anything with them, depending on the occasion and my daily mood.”

Klara in: Beat

“I really like the silhouette and the feel of being flexible. I feel like myself.”