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Hope, love & the future

Weekday x Civil Rights Defenders

During the 2016 holiday season we spoke about “hope, love & the future” as we felt, and still feel, it is important to have hope, to spread love and to give back - for a better future. That is why we partnered with Civil Rights Defenders, an independent human rights organisation that works to defend people’s rights to freedom and justice. Below are some of the amazing people, who do the work, defending people’s rights.


”Working at Civil Rights Defenders gives me hope for the future – for the next generation. We give hands-on support to some of the bravest people in the world. The core of our mission is to empower people and we do that by giving financial support to human rights organisations and human rights defenders, on four continents. We also give digital and physical security trainings for independent journalists, human rights lawyers, advocates for LGBT rights and bloggers in some of the most repressive parts of the world. In 2013 we launched the Natalia Project – the worlds first assault alarm system for human rights defenders at risk which today protects more than 100 people across the globe. We always aim forward and strive to find innovative solutions for the risks that human rights defenders face through our Human Rights Innovation Initiative.”

Mikael Ehrlington,
Development Officer at Civil Rights Defenders



”Love challenges the world order and meets resistance. At Civil Rights Defenders we work to protect all people´s right to love through our support to LGBTI organisations and human rights defenders globally. In 2013 a law banning propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relations” was introduced in Russia. Again, in June 2016, a new law was adopted allowing police to take anyone suspected of “violations of socially accepted norms of morality” into preventive custody. And, similar laws have been introduced in several countries across the globe where love disrupts and challenges norms. For eight years now Civil Rights Defenders has supported the Queer Culture Festival in St Petersburg. This year was the first time that the festival could take place without any threats or cancelled events. A huge success for love and human rights.”

Inna Bukshtynovich and Cecilia Rosing, 
Program Officers at Eurasia Department at Civil Rights Defenders

the future

”As a human rights lawyer at Civil Rights Defenders I want to disrupt existing power politics. I am grateful to live in a time where human rights are no longer a vague concept and when many of the world’s leaders are starting to understand that it is impossible to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability without human rights. But there is still a gap between the acknowledgment of human rights and to respect them in practice. Some states pick and choose rights to respect based on their own interests. They sign conventions, but do not comply with them in reality. The consequences are social injustices, economic inequalities and environmental damages. This is the challenge of my generation. It is not somebody else’s struggle, it is mine and yours to fight. Because we are the future now.”

Nazli Pirayehgar, 
Junior Legal Adviser at Civil Rights Defenders

unknown heroes

“As a digital security expert at Civil Rights Defenders, I follow the struggle of human rights defenders who are using the Internet as their main battleground, in the fight against repressive regimes and human rights violations. Many times with their own lives on the line. One of these brave persons, an unknown hero to many, is a Vietnamese blogger who goes by the name Mother Mushroom or Me Nam. She has been severely harassed by authorities for her reporting on human rights abuses. In October, of this year, she was arrested by police and now faces up to 12 years in prison – just for speaking out on the issue of protection of ordinary people against powerful interests. She needs all of our support – everyone who believes in freedom of expression and basic human rights.”

Martin L. Fällman, 
Protection Officer at Civil Rights Defenders

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