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If x Weekday

During a season full of long and dark nights we encourage you to consider the importance of staying safe in the dark. For autumn/winter 2016 we collaborated with Nordic insurance company If, to create an exclusive collection of reflective accessories – that aims to illustrate that safety can be functional and work with your style.

Reflectors are literally meant to be ‘attractive’ as they are meant to attract the attention of those driving. But those who usually make reflectors concentrate on the safety aspect and seem not to put much energy into making them fashionable or attractive. 

This season, together with If, we created an exclusive collection that aims to inspire and promote safety wear as something that is both attractive and functional. This collection will include six potentially life saving accessories - items that leave room for you to be you.

“At Weekday, we have long worked on issues related to fashion, people and social responsibility and we are constantly looking for new opportunities where we can integrate all three. This collection does just that – and we believe that it can help save lives. We hope that together with If we can make a difference.”

- Liselott Olovzon, Head of Marketing at Weekday.

It has been proven that reflectors reduce the risk of being hit by a car by half - be the light.

For more information about the collaboration watch our video.