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Type Glass
€35 €10

Len Curse Jacquard T-shirt

Type Glass
€60 €30

Oliver Sweater

Type Glass
€50 €18

Alfons Tiger Jacquard Sweater

100% Wool
Type Glass
€50 €28

Freddy Polo Sweater

Type Glass
€50 €25

Mino Sweater

Organic Cotton
Type Glass
€40 €25

Hannes Global Jacquard Polo

Type Glass
€50 €12

Mino Sweater


Sale sweaters

You always need a warm sweater. Especially if it is a cosy Weekday knitted jumper at a great price. Choose a fine mohair cardigan, a classic wool turtleneck or a V-necked ribbed sweater to create a laidback style and keep warm.