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My body. My image.

These women shot our 2018 swimwear campaign. No restrictions. No compromises.

Rewind to summer 2016 when we launched our first Weekday swimwear collection and started to get our first #weekdayswim selfies throughout social media. It’s fair to say that we were impressed with the creativity, the attitude and the diversity of people and locations in the images we saw, plus the fact that it was our customers and friends and let’s face it, some influencers - made it so authentic and special.


Fast forward to spring 2018, when it was time to produce images for our new swimwear collection. You get where we are going with this… we asked 25 women to contribute self-portraits that showcase our latest collection. Given complete creative control, they had an unrestricted opportunity to create the sort of images they want to see in a swimwear shop. The result, we believe, is a nuanced campaign that is individual yet collaborative, honest and real.