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Now you choose self-checkout at your local Weekday store!


Avoid the busy queus and checkout in our new app. Browse your local Weekday store and discover in-store deals, new drops, popular items, and price reductions. You can even save your favorites, just tap the heart icon on an item. Find out the most popular items at your local store.


No more struggling to find out garment details and washing instructions, and even how it looks like on.


Discover what’s happening, stay connected with Weekday and find out more about different projects, launches and collaborations that are going on.


Available at our Gothenburg store at Kungsgatan 51, stay tuned for more stores!

Now available at



Kungsgatan 51
411 15 Gothenburg

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"Why should I use the Weekday app?"

Enjoy a digital version of your Weekday store. With the app you are able to find out more about the products right away, skip the lines and do a fast digital checkout. Also use the app from other locations to browse your Weekday store and discover in-store deals, new drops, and price reductions. You can even save your favorites and find out the most popular products at your local store.


Discover what’s happening, stay connected with Weekday and find out more about different projects, launches and collabs.

"What Weekday stores can I find in the app?"

We can at the moment connect you to our store on Kungsgatan 51, in Gothenburg, Sweden... But stay tuned, more stores are joining in soon!

"Do I have to download the app to be able to use it?"

By scanning the QR codes that you find in your WEEKDAY store, you can use the full app experience without downloading it! However , if you want to take full part of all the benefits and stay updated with what´s happening, we advise you to download the app and become a member.


I would say: do a payment IN the digital checkout not AND.


"What happens when I add a product to bag?"

It’s saved to your basket and it is easy for you to just do a payment in the digital checkout and from whereever you are in the store.


"Can I find the total Weekday collection in the app?"

You can find all our products that we offer in store and online in the app, except for the unique Curated Second Hand items. We even mark the products if they are online exclusive.



"Can I find out about the store´s stock availability in the app?"


No, you need to ask a sales advisor if you are looking for a certain size in the store. If it’s not available in-store, you can go directly from the item in-app to and find out if your size is in stock online.



"Can I just leave the store after the payment is done in the app?"


No, you need to pass the self-checkout station on your way out to deactivate the alarm tags and leave the hangers.



"What if I need a bag?"


You can add a bag to your shopping basket in-app before checkout. It costs 2 SEK and will be included in your payment. The bags are available to grab at the self-checkout station on your way out.



"Can I use the app to order home delivery from my local store?"


Unfortunately, this service is not in place yet, but it is planned for beginning 2022. However, it is very easy to connect to directly from the app.



"What kind of payments methods do we accept in the checkout?"


The only card payments for now are Visa and Mastercard.



"How secure are my payments with the app?"


Keeping your payments secure is our number one priority. That means you might need to verify your card payment with 3D Secure to complete your transaction. Contact your bank to learn more about 3DSecure authentication.



"When do you charge my card?"


We charge your card immediately when you successfully placed your order.



"How will I be refunded when I return my items?"


You will be refunded to the same payment method you used to make the purchase. Your digital receipt (included with your order confirmation email) will be your proof of purchase.



"When will I be refunded?"


We will initiate the refund directly once you’ve returned your items. Refund times vary depending on your bank, but  usually arrive within 3-5 working days.



"Is it possible to do a return in any other Weekday store?"


For now, a return can only be made to the same store in which the item(s) were purchased. WEEKDAY Kungsgatan 51, Gothenburg.



"Can I get staff or student discount when making a purchse through the app?"


Not yet unfortuneatly, but we’re working on it!



"Can I use Weekday discount codes or sign up for Newsletters and get a 10% discount through the app?"


Same as above, not yet, but we’re working on it!



"Is there an age limits to be able to use the app?"


Only persons of legal age, 18 years or older, and who are not under guardianship, can purchase items via scan & pay.