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Type Glass
60,00 CHF 33,00 CHF

Jared Knitted Polo

Type Glass
60,00 CHF 30,00 CHF

Jared Knitted Polo

Type Glass
65,00 CHF 42,00 CHF

John V-neck Oversized Sweater

Type Glass
75,00 CHF 52,00 CHF

Cypher Sweater

Type Glass
65,00 CHF 30,00 CHF

John Oversized Sweater

Type Glass
80,00 CHF 27,00 CHF

Johan dip dye sweater


Sale sweaters

You always need a warm sweater. Especially if it is a cosy Weekday knitted jumper at a great price. Choose a fine mohair cardigan, a classic wool turtleneck or a V-necked ribbed sweater to create a laidback style and keep warm.