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A split picture with the first one showing an inside out jeans pocket of our Ample jeans, with a text explaining our jeans redesign project, and the second one showing a QR-code label from the inside of the jeans.


This Weekday garment is designed to circulate. It’s made according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign Project Guidelines, aligning denim production with circular economy principles.

  • This garment is made of at least 20 percent recycled materials. The threads, labels, and zipper tape are made of recycled polyester, and the metal parts are non-electro-plated.

  • To finish this product, no harmful chemicals* have been used and only low-impact washing techniques** have been implemented.

  • 98 percent of the textile materials in this garment are organic or recycled cotton and can be repurposed into new fibers.

  • This garment is made to last and is tested to withstand a minimum of 30 home laundries. To make the lifecycle of this garment as long as possible, we recommend spot cleaning and airing the garment outside instead of washing it.

  • If you wash it, choose a low temperature, use an eco-certified detergent, and hang it to dry.

  • When it reaches end-of-life, please pass it on, repair it, or bring it to your nearest Weekday store so we can reuse, remake or recycle it.

    *Level 3 of Zero Discharge of Hazardous chemical manufacturing RSL compliant.
    **Low impact score in Environmental Impact Measurement Tool by Jeanologia.