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The new perfume concept by Unifrom™ + Weekday

A fusion of flesh and fibers: Tissue rethought by Unifrom™ and Weekday when presenting INDIGO, a perfume collaboration that is more than a scent, it's a sensory journey through a deep blue indigo field, embodied with a raw denim collection that transcends the ordinary.

The INDIGO oil perfume will not be available for purchase online; it will only be offered in selected stores in Denmark. For more information on where you can buy the perfume in Denmark, please scroll to the bottom of the site.

The INDIGO perfume oil evolves from a sharp, earthy metal to a pleasantly soft, almost sweet, and fresh leather scent.

Haisam Mohammed, the founder of Unifrom™:

"We personify an age-old profession in a contemporary way and view perfume conceptually, embracing a fresh approach to how we interact with fragrance. Much like our collaboration, INDIGO strikes a balance between pleasant, punk, and timelessness. It's versatile, suitable for all, and open to endless creative layering."

This collection features sculptural silhouettes with the intention of layering. The enlarged organic cotton twill weave becomes a mobile tactile sensation, resembling an enlarged twill, like a cell, becoming tissue.

Alice Shulman, Design Lead Creative Initiatives at Weekday:

“We wanted to abstract the essence of youth, translate it from visual expansion and emotion into scent, weaving a narrative where the perfume's notes intertwine with the tactile metallic allure of denim. It's an interplay between body and fabric, where every thread, every smell, and every touch become part of the narrative.”

Weekday, Amagertorv 33, 1160 Copenhagen
Contact: +45-42121499

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 19:00
Sat: 10:00 - 17:00
Sun: 11:00 - 17:00

Explore the latest collaboration between Uniform™ and Weekday in the Tissue Feast limited edition. This new release unveils the exclusive INDIGO perfume, a captivating scent, and a raw denim collection. From long, durable denim coats to voluminous pleated low-rise midi skirts layered over bonded high-waisted trousers, this collection showcases sculptural silhouettes designed for easy layering, mirroring the multi-layered complexity of the perfume. The Unifrom™ and Weekday collaboration redefines self-expression, merging fabric and fragrance.