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You may notice that we refer to H&M Group in many parts of our sustainability work. As part of the H&M Group, we are part of a bigger network and can use solutions set in place by the Group and work on a larger scale than most small fashion brands can. The H&M Group aims to drive and lead sustainable development within the fashion industry, and to do this size and collaboration is essential.


With size comes not only responsibility, but also increased possibility to influence positive development. As one example, H&M Group has its own staff in each production market. With daily contact with our supplier factories, it becomes easier for us to secure that we only work with factories meeting our standards and requirements. They also engage in joint projects to improve things such as workplace dialogue and strengthened worker voices, wages, water management and energy efficiency. Our colleagues also engage with local NGOs, experts and governments to influence structural change on industry as well as country level. 

We commit to all the sustainability goals that H&M Group sets, such as reaching net-zero by 2040 and obey the same regulations about chemicals, water usage and working conditions in the factories. We also have access to the research on innovations and support on our way towards more sustainable fashion.


Noteworthy external recognition for H&M Group’s sustainability work in 2021 include (although recognition is not a substitute for performance): 

  • Textile Exchange Corporate Fibre & Materials Benchmark: Textile Exchange rated us as one of the leading companies in the 2021 Material Change Leader board. We were also recognised as the biggest user of preferred cotton, recycled man-made cellulosic fibres, and recycled down, and the second biggest user of organic cotton and recycled cotton.

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index: H&M Group was included in the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index for the tenth year running in 2021, scoring well above our industry average. 

  • Fashion Transparency Index: H&M Group was ranked 4th out of 250 brands reviewed by the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index. This ranking was created by Fashion Revolution to hold top fashion brands accountable and encourage greater transparency. 

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